Polling shows Liberal Democrats can win in Huntingdon


In the past, Huntingdon has been seen as a safe Conservative seat. Things have changed.

The web site provides breakdowns of national polls by constituency. On 30 May it showed Liberal Democrats likely to win, and on 18 September it showed us just six percentage points behind. Remain supporters are in a position to vote for a pro-Remain Liberal Democrat in Huntingdon. Labour can't win in here, but Labour supporter who are in a position to vote tactically for the Liberal Democrats to bring about change.

On top of this, Best for Britain’s tactical voting site is encouraging Remain supporters in Huntingdon Constituency to vote Liberal Democrat.

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Climate emergency: the BIG problem

Climate change is the biggest problem facing humanity.

Margaret Thatcher was one of the first major political leaders to recognise the seriousness of climate change. She’d had a scientific education, saw the science and tried to act on it. That was a long time ago.

Since then CO2 levels have gone up, we’ve had a succession of “hottest summers on record”, “unprecedented flooding” and major forest fires.

Urgent action is needed.

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A Liberal Democrat government will revoke Article 50 notice

If the next General Election produces a Liberal Democrat government, we will revoke the Article 50 notice and cancel Brexit.

This isn’t about ignoring the referendum. If we receive enough votes to give us a majority in parliament, then enough people will have voted Liberal Democrat to give a new mandate.

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Coalition a decade on

Nearly a decade after the formation of the coalition it remains controversial. I’ve heard Labour supporters angry that Liberal Democrats didn’t form a coalition with Labour, and Conservatives angry about the things being in coalition with the Liberal Democrats stopped them doing.

In the mean time key Liberal Democrat achievements like pushing up the point where people start to pay income tax to £10,000, equal marriage and helping disadvantaged children with the Pupil Premium tend to get overlooked because they clearly work and have come to be seen as mainstream (even though it was an uphill battle to get them accepted). Forming the Green Investment Bank was a Liberal Democrat achievement, which has dipped below since it was sold by the Tories. This is one of a number of things where the harshness of the Conservative regime since the coalition gives an insight into the moderating influence of Liberal Democrats.


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