Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats are the local party for the whole of Huntingdonshire district.

Huntingdonshire District Council
The Conservatives had a majority on Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) from 1976 until the local elections in May 2022. HDC is now run by a cross-party alliance of Liberal Democrat, Independent, Labour and Green, led by Liberal Democrat Sarah Conboy.

Cambridgeshire County Council
The 2021 County Council also ended Conservative control, and the council is also now run by a cross-party alliance, led by Liberal Democrat Lucy Nethsingha.

At present Huntingdonshire District covers the whole of the Huntingdon Constituency and part of North West Cambridgeshire. The proposed new boundaries will see the southern part of the constituency and part of South Cambridgeshire forming a new St Neots and Mid Cambs constituency, with part of North West Cambridgeshire coming into the altered Huntingdon constituency,

Huntingdon's most famous MP was Oliver Cromwell. Between 1983 and 2001 John Major was MP, serving as Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister 1990-1997. In 1992 John Major achieved 66% of the vote, but things have been changing. Following the elections to the European Parliament in 2019 Liberal Democrats were polling over 20% and Huntingdon was one of over 100 constituencies that the Liberal Democrats were predicted to take from the Conservatives. In the end, support for the Liberal Democrats fell as polling day approached in that year's General Election, but in Huntingdon Liberal Democrats still achieved a near-doubling of our vote.

Welcoming Cllr Doug Dew
In January 2023 Conservative Councillor Doug Dew, from the Heminfords and Houghton ward, chose to leave his party and join the Liberal Democrats, citing Liz Truss; crashing of the economy and describing himself as having been “left of centre of the Conservative Party but it has moved so far in the other direction, I no longer recognise it”. In our canvassing we're hearing many former Conservative voters saying the same thing. Change is in the air.