Success! New CCTV in Huntingdon to tackle anti-social behaviour

23 Nov 2023
Councillors Padrica, Jo and Nathan in Huntingdon Town Centre

A new deployable CCTV camera has been installed in Huntingdon Town Centre following calls from councillors and businesses.

Huntingdonshire District Council have installed the new deployable CCTV camera in Huntingdon to help tackle anti-social behaviour in the Town Centre.

HDC has worked with Huntingdon BID and Hunts Business Against Crime to install the camera, which links directly to a central control room in the town.

The District Councillors for Huntingdon East, Nathan Hunt and Jo Harvey, who have both been campaigning for more action against ASB said: “This news is fantastic. We know that people want our town to be safe and that’s why it’s one of our top priorities.

The administration at HDC is committed to fighting anti-social behaviour, and we’ll continue to do everything we can.”

You can find out more from HDC's press release, available here.