Our Manifesto, 18 months on: Climate Change

12 Nov 2023
An image of Leafy Trees

Last year, during the Huntingdonshire District Council elections, we promised to take ambitious action to fight climate change - and we're delivering.

Huntingdonshire District Council now has a Lib Dem leader (Cllr Sarah Conboy), and we're delivering on our promises.

Our manifesto said: "we will lead by example, with the Council setting ambitious sustainability targets, requiring new buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to near-zero by 2030, provide healthy places to live, reduce water usage and manage runoff."

Here's just some of what we've done:

We've declared a Climate Emergency:

One of the new administration's first acts was to declare a climate emergency, publicly acknowledging the crisis the climate emeregency poses and publicly declaring our commitment to doing our part in addressing it.

We've delivered a climate strategy, in record time:

Having declared a climate emergency, we went and created a strategy to start delivering on our commitments.

The new HDC Administration delivered, scrutinised and adopted a new, robust and ambitious climate strategy within a year of taking office - a timeline which others said was impossible.

We've also launched an action plan to make sure we're constantly monitoring and regularly reporting on our progress.

Information on HDC’s conversion. Event details in the main text.

We've kicked off an ongoing Climate Conversation:

HDC now has an ongoing climate conversation, with regular events, to make sure we're engaging with the public, listening to a wide range of voices in the community and helping them shape our actions.

The next climate conversation community event is Saturday 18th November 2023, at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, between 10am and 3:30pm - and everyone's welcome.