Your LIBERAL DEMOCRAT candidates for Somersham, Sawtry and Ramsey

We are pleased to introduce our 3 candidates for these wards.


Tony Hulme, our candidate for Somersham, was for many years a District Councillor. In this role, Tony has been instrumental in improving the welfare and safety of senior citizens, in measures affecting road safety and also in measures affecting recycling. Tony subscribes to the “liberal tradition” and to its reputation for listening to people and working for the electorate all year round, not just at election time. Tony would be a great representative for Somersham and bring great experience into the role.

Elke Smith is standing in Sawtry. Elke moved to Sawtry 2016, where she works as a Voice Coach/Singer and Advisor. She is passionate about community matters, especially the silver generation (support and help) and teenagers in the communty (integrated approaches for their development and support). Elke has a private pilot licence and in her spare time she enjoys a flight from Conington Airfield.

Dan Breen, who is our candidate in Ramsey has lived in Ramsey St Mary's for 5 years now with his partner and their 3 dogs and loves it there. He works as a software tester for an Anti-Fraud software provider in Cambridge, and has been a long term matchnight volunteer for the Peterborough Phantoms ice hockey team at both junior and senior levels.

As part of a committed and enthusiastic team your Liberal Democrat candidates will be great councillors for your wards.



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