Lib Dems for St Neots, Eynesbury and The Eatons are campaigning hard for you!

We have a wonderful set of candidates in wards in St Neots, Eynesbury and The Eatons.


Our candidates are campaigning for your vote in these elections, but they don't just campaign at election time (as others do), but work for you all year round, even when they are not councillors, yet! Lib Dems are well known in the area for their hard work, and keeping you informed on what is going on in the famous FOCUS Newsletters. 

If you want to see the latest campaign newsletters you can see them here; Priory Park and Lt Paxton, Love Farm 3, Love Farm 4

We have the team that will make a positive difference for St Neots. This is your chance to make a change in your council.


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