Tory Plan to rule Cambridgeshire as a “one party state”

The Conservatives are proposing to change the way the Council works. The aim appears to be to minimise or eliminate opposition to their policies and plans!


All the Committees will have Tory Chairs and Vice Chairs; no decisions can be reviewed without the support of a Committee on which the Conservatives have a majority; in Full Council no amendments to Tory plans can be made without prior notice; no councillors can put oral questions; officers will brief Tory Spokespersons separately from Lead Members from the other groups. Opposition groups will no longer have recognised ‘Spokespersons’.

Across the whole of Cambridgeshire, the Conservatives got 40.5% of the total vote; 59% voted for other parties (of which 29% voted Liberal Democrat). How can it be right that the Conservatives believe that they impose such an autocratic administration? The Liberal Democrats, along with the other Groups will continue to fight to ensure that the voice of all residents are heard, but it is a worrying omen of what will happen if the Conservatives have a sizeable majority after the General Election on 8th June.

Join the resistance and vote Liberal Democrat on 8th June, to send a strong message to Theresa May that she needs to represent ALL the people, not just the rich and powerful!

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