Sapley dog poo bins

Huntingdon District councillor Mike Humphrey says: "I have been aware for sometime that there are ongoing problems with dog poo on the football pitches on Sapley Park with teams forced to walk the pitches to collect mess before matches.

"A cursory walk around the area (approx 4 acres) shows much of the problem is due to a single old green dog bin which is clearly insufficient.

"I have suggested to HDC that a few strategically sited bins would make a great deal of difference ie

1 Walk through from Sapley Park Rd
2 walk through from Ruston Close
3 by changing rooms on Sapley Rd
4by Sapley Rd lay by

"I realise there are many pressing matters but these matters impinge on public health, exercise and community wellbeing. So could we at lest push for these bins to be considered under 2021 budgets?"

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