Parking in Sapley, Huntingdon - WE WANT YOUR VIEWS!

The chicanes on Sapley Road have been the source of more complaints to your Lib Dem Focus Team than any other subject. It has been a puzzle to know what to do about them. Recently there has been progress on identifying possible ways forward. The Lamport Drive chicane, has been particularly problematic, with a number of collisions having occurred. After extensive discussions with residents, Engineers have agreed to install a more visible yellow sign, and we hope that this relatively cheap action will produce good results. 

The next challenge is the Desborough Road chicane, which is widely perceived to be dangerous by local drivers. We have thought of some things that we could try, and now we would like you to tell us your preferences. We have produced a paper with options (click HERE):-

You can go to and give us your views. If you prefer not to use your computer then please send your reply to Mike Shellens, 21 High St, Brampton PE28 4TG by 1 April.


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