Predictions of a change of control at Hunts District Council

Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats’ manifesto for the 2022 Hunts District Council puts the case for ending Conservative control — after 48 years.

Others are catching on…

On 14 April, St Ives for Europe (@StIvest) tweeted

Word on the street is that Tories could lose control of Huntingdonshire after 47 years in power!

and were met with 649 re-tweets and 3961 likes.

The next day, John Elworthy, editor of Cambs Times added:

Not that its my 'patch' but political leadership @huntsdc is fascinating on many levels - not least for its representation @CambsPboroCA. Looking at the figures it seems it is prone to NOC after May's elections. Which, I'm told, would end 47 years @Conservatives control.

and a little later:

Looking ahead to 2023, and May local elections, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that @FenlandCouncil could remain the only @Conservatives-controlled local authority in the whole of Cambridgeshire. 'Seismic' could trend on @Twitter.

which East Anglia Bylines picked up:

So we begin with an interesting morsel of gossip. It’s rumoured that Huntingdon council may be about to change hands, with the Tories losing their majority for the first time apparently in 49 years. That was when Edward Heath was prime minister and two years before Margaret Thatcher replaced him as prime minister. The Tories have 29 votes to the mixed opposition’s 23, so they need to lose four seats.

And on 17 April St Ives for Europe (@StIvest) added:

And now we hear the Tories are so desperate to cling on to power in Huntingdonshire, they are chatting up some Independents...

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