Our Street Lights Campaign is Successful

The Liberal Democrat campaign to get the Country Council to reverse their decision to dim and switch off street lighting has been successful! Thank to all who supported this campaign, which included Liberal Democrats across the county and others.


We will continue to campaign to control lighting more intelligently and deploy innovative energy saving solutions. 

Background: From our chats with residents, the biggest grumble in the District has been the dark streets. Street lights have been removed, most are dimmed and then switched off overnight.

We were told the new lights would be more efficient brighter lights. That was the justification for removing an average 10% of lamp posts across the county, with a higher proportion on residential streets but fewer on main roads. 

But last year, as part of the budget cuts, the Conservative and UKIP councillors on the County Council voted to dim the lights by 40% and switch most off overnight between 1am and 6am leading to dark and dingy areas. Lib Dems opposed this cut saying this was potentially unsafe and people would be fearful of going out at night. Our campaign has resulted in a change of heart by the council.

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