Our Priorities are all about serving Our Residents


Hopefully you have already seen our manifesto on our website. If not see HERE. The manifesto outlines what our priorities are, but of course, what is most important to residents are the specifics. Here are just SOME examples of what we are campaigning for:-

1. Ensure new development benefits the local area

  • campaigning to get empty houses back into use
  • opposing the Riversfield development in Little Paxton.
  • opposing a road across the Ouse valley from Wyton

2. Make our streets safer

  • tackling chronic parking issues in Huntingdon
  • a pelican crossing for Cambridge Road – Love’s Farm
  • getting pot-holes filled
  • encouraging cycling and walking;
    • supporting the new River Ouse cycle bridge in St Neots
    • safer cycling routes to school

3. Encourage healthy living

  • supporting our Leisure Centres
  • promoting the enjoyment of sports
  • promoting safe walking and cycling provision

4. Make local government more cost-effective

  • reducing the number of councils and councillors
  • Making sure money is spent wisely – getting the best value!

5. Create a better environment for all

  • tackling fly-tipping and dog-fouling
  • supporting the development of a better range of shops for our town centres including free parking
  • encouraging energy-saving and green technologies
  • reducing pollution, e.g. introducing electric charging points


Your Liberal Democrat Councillors and supporters work hard for residents ALL year round!!



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