Liberal Democrats - working hard for you ALL year round

The Liberal Democrats in Huntingdonshire have a great team who work brilliantly to support residents!


1. We keep residents informed about what is going on in a number of ways. Firstly there are our famous FOCUS Newsletters (see picture showing recent St Neots editions). Different versions are delivered across Huntingdonshire. In December, Peter Downes issued his 130th edition for Brampton. Secondly, we also maintain a website and a FaceBook page for those who want their info. electronically, and thirdly our councillors and supporters meet residents face-to-face regularly.

2. We actively seek opportunities to listen to residents concerns, including the regular surgeries that we hold across Huntingdonshire, attendance at parish council meetings, focused surveys / questionnaires for residents, and of course our face-to-face contact with people in the community.

3. We are committed to make things better for residents, if we possibly can. We campaign on a wide variety of things that matter to people (AND ARE OFTEN SUCCESSFUL IN HELPING DELIVER). These include parking problems, improving street lighting, challenging inappropriate development etc. Our councillors also manage a lot of case-work for individual residents, who need additional support to sort out issues. Because we work as a close team, we are able to bring a great deal of experience to address issues and escalate, if necessary.

Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats are a great team, that works hard for you ALL year round!!!





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