Liberal Democrats win in North Shropshire by-election

The result in the North Shropshire by election on 16 December was remarkable. People told us they were fed up with being taken for granted in a “safe” Tory seat. They were angry at the mis-handling of Covid, at the Tory sleeze crisis and Brexit not being what was promised.

In Huntingdon that will sound familiar. A similar swing here would see a substantial Liberal Democrat majority.

Our MP, Jonathan Djanogly has also been caught up in Tory sleeze — being paid nearly £1000 an hour by a firm that benefits from NHS Covid contracts.

What this does show is that change is possible — away from Tory cronyism and entitlement, and towards democracy that’s more accountable, more focussed on building up local communities, more willing to promote opportunities for all, more engaged on climate change and — dare I say it — willing to talk about Europe.

That’s a powerful mix to take onboard as we move towards District Council elections in May and the possibility of a very different electoral map after the next General Election.

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