Liberal Democrat Councillors Working Hard For You....

Not just election time...all year round

We're often asked what we actually do all year...and the answer is simple...we work for our residents to resolve lots of those issues that people can't get sorted on their own or don't know where to start with.  In the last year that's meant helping people with a wide range of concerns - we average several new pieces of case work each week.  


We routinely help to report and resolve problems with roads and pavements - pot holes, uneven surfaces, missing road markings and over-grown greenery.  We then follow up if there is an issue getting repairs done.  We have also been deal with concerns over road safety:  working with highways and the Police we have investigated solution to locations were speed and traffic management are issues.  From time to time we also assist with issues of parking safety and nuisance.

We support residents who are facing challenges with day to day tasks, such as getting rubbish collected.  We've helped deal with issues for people affected by noise and neighbour nuisances.  Residents often need support when they need housing advice or are having issues with social landlords. Parents often want to find out how they can access more support for their children and, again, we help them to navigate the system and to put them in touch with those who offer the right information and support. We work with other groups to ensure that services meet resident's needs:  this year it has included dealing with issues about bus services and water bills for example.  

From time to time we play detective when there are issues of landownership and maintenance, brokering agreements on any work that needs done. Or when we need to track down construction vehicles owners who are using roads they have been advised are unsuitable.  Occasionally we do find ourselves challenged to find creative solutions to usually problems - my favourite was getting trollies removed from a bridge in the middle of a river!

Whatever the issue, we are always here to try to help.  It's this "casework" that makes a real difference to our residents and we are well-known for being there year round when we are needed...not just at election time.

So, if you want someone to represent you all year round....


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