Our team are ready to serve YOU in Brampton and Hinchingbrooke Park, Buckden, Alconbury and Great Staughton

We have a great set of experienced and enthusiastic candidates standing in 4 wards to the west of Huntingdonshire, and they have been out and about as much as they can meeting residents over the 3 weeks of this campaign. Liberal Democrats are well known in these wards for the hard work that they put in all year round on behalf of residents and, if elected, our team of candidates will carry on that hard work.


One of the great things about Huntingdonshire Lib Dems is how well we work as a team. Peter Downes is the Lib Dem County Councillor for much of the area and works well with our current District Councillors, John and Patricia and the other candidates to tackle issues that arise for residents in a caring way, efficiently and effectively. In this way we can also ensure that issues that are handled by either District or County councils are properly picked up and dealt with.

Lib Dems are famous for connecting well with residents throughout the year. The attached Newsletter from Patricia and Johns' Brampton and Hinchingbrooke Park ward summarises feedback we have received from residents and how we have used these to shape our, and more importantly your, priorities for this election.

Elect the team you can trust to work hard on your behalf all year round!




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