Huntingdonshire Development Plan - Your chance to comment - be quick!


The Huntingdonshire Development Plan, which identifies key areas of land for the development of new homes, jobs and services across the district, was approved by a full meeting of Huntingdonshire District Council in mid December, 2017.

The Development Plan IMPACTS EVERYONE living locally and local residents and communities need to be at the heart of the process and shaping the plans for our area.

The plan is now being published for a seven week period during which interested parties will be able to comment on its legal compliance and “soundness”. The examination of the plan will take place under a planning inspector, where those who made comments during the seven week period will be able to speak, and a final report will be issued. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE GET INVOLVED AND SHAPE THE PLAN!

Subsequently, the plan, together with comments received, will then be submitted to the Secretary of State, probably by the end of March, and will pass in to the hands of the Planning Inspectorate. The plan is expected to be adopted finally in 2019.

A link to the Huntingdonshire District Council website and the consultation is available HERE. A link to the document is given HERE (easier read!)

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