Focus on Godmanchester - Spring 2018


The latest edition provides residents with an update on what is happening at Cambridgeshire County Council. Council taxes are going up by 4.99%, primarily because of increasing pressures of providing adult and children social care and because of cuts to the grant from central government. Unfortunately part of the extra income will have to cover overspend in the last year. Lib Dems wanted councillor allowances cut to allow more to be spent on public services - this was vetoed by the Tories. On a positive note the Conservatives scrapped their proposals to increase care charges and Lib Dem and public pressure. 

Local elections for District and Town councils this year. Sarah Conboy and David Underwood, your existing Lib Dem district councillors, will be re-standing together with Mike Grice a well-known local resident and secretary of the Huntingdonshire Lib Dems. They are a great team and work closely with your County Councillor Graham Wilson. 17 councillors to be elected for a four year term to the Town Council is non-party political. 

The newsletter addresses some Godmanchester grumbles:-

  • Pigeons: In the last Focus, we reported we had a date for the works to be done to remove the pigeons from the A14 bridge. Since then things have been delayed! It will be in the next few months, hopefully. 
  • Footpaths: Some paths can be dangerous for wheelchairs users / mobility scooter users. The County Council will meet us to identify the worst locations and to consider what could be done. 

  • Buses: There are a number of complaints about the regularity of the bus services. We are raising these issues with the service providers and County Council officers. 
  • Potholes: There are concerns about the condition of our roads and footpaths. We think that there are more potholes this year than last. This is worrying!

  • Streetlights: We continue to get complaints about streetlighting in many of our streets. We suggested to budget to replace some lights but the Tories rejected this and now we are left with a mess.

For more information read the full newsletter HERE

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