Farron: Enough is enough. It’s time to help refugees in need in response to Independent’s heartbreaking photo of a little dead Syrian boy

Tim Farron has told the Independent enough is enough and the UK needs to do more to help with the refugee crisis.

As David Cameron goes on the news and tells us all that we can’t take any refugees, but we are doing all we can to make life ok in the countries they come from, Tim Farron has been telling the Independent that we need to take in more refugees.

Cameron knows perfectly well that Syria is far from ok. How can it be when you have a brutally murderous dictator fighting a brutally murderous death cult for control?

Had we still been in Government, Cameron’s comments would have chilled me to the bone. The truth is we haven’t done enough to offer sanctuary to people in need throughout the whole crisis, not just this Summer. Nick Clegg certainly managed to ensure that we did take some people from Syria who needed specialised support but nowhere near enough.

The Independent has published a heartbreaking photograph of a dead Syrian child washed up on a beach. They know it’s going to upset people. This is their explanation for so doing:

The Independent has taken the decision to publish the image, which some may find offensive, but the top of this article because among the often glib words about the “ongoing migrant crisis”, it is all too easy to forget the reality of the desperate situation facing many refugees.

That desperately sad image certainly puts Cameron’s “swarm” comments into perspective. Frankly, we are one of the richest countries in the world. We should show a bit of compassion to people in greater need than any of us have ever faced. If it meant that I had to pay more taxes so we could have a more compassionate and fairer system for seekers of sanctuary, then I would be happy to do so.

Tim Farron told the Independent that the UK should be helping these refugees, accusing Cameron and his government of having a “disengaged, cold and irrelevant” response to the refugees’ plight:

Britain has always been there for people in crisis,” he said. “It is a badge of pride for our country. We must step up again, work with our neighbours and do what we can to help.

Enough is enough, he said:

These pictures are beyond horrific. They are the wake-up call David Cameron needs.

Other senior Liberal Democrats have backed Tim up and expressed that the Prime Minister must act:

Norman Lamb MP for North Norfolk: 'Moral cowardice by Cameron on refugees! Outrageous that UK is turning its back on people in desperate need! We must play our part!'

Catherine Bearder MEP: 'Tomorrow (7am) I will be in Calais w @BBCRADIOKENT. Migrants are humans and the UK must play fair role in providing refuge.'

Julian Huppert, Former MP for Cambridge: 'Cameron's right that UK taking more refugees doesn't fix everything. But doesn't mean we shouldn't. Macmillan nurses don't cure cancer

We should not stand by and let our government let us down by failing to help a relatively small number of people. Taking in a few thousand vulnerable people in desperate need will not put us out too much.


* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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