EU Referendum Result Sends Shock Waves Across Country

Many Remain voters could scarcely believe their ears when they heard the news of the referendum result. Many told us they were "gutted" and "ashamed" of what it says about our country.  Others were "very anxious" about what lies ahead, including the threat to the unity of the UK

Many "Leave" voters have been saying that they voted Leave mainly as a protest vote against the government's other policies and that they always expected that Remain would win. 

As many in the Remain camp feared, there has been an outbreak of hateful and racist abuse including, sadly, some in Huntingdon.

This referendum (which some see as being really intended as a device for settling internal divisions in the Conservative Party) has brutally exposed gaps in our society:

  • between the wealthy and the poor
  • between different parts of the country
  • between different generations

It is already clear that very little forward planning had been done to prepare for the biggest upheaval in half a century to our trading arrangements; financial structures, employment prospects and educational opportunities. Already many Leave campaigners are back-tracking on their "promises".

A bitter battle has started in the Conservative party over a successor to David Cameron.  The Labour Party is in meltdown.  

Over 10,000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats since the referendum.  Will you join us and add your support for building a tolerant and fair society?

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