Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayoral Campaign - A Big Thank You

Thanks to your support, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Mayoral election, Rod Cantrill, was the clear, and only, challenger to the Conservatives in the competition. Rod gained 26% of the vote in the first round and that increased to 43% after the second round! All other parties polled less than 9% in the first round. 

We would like to thank Rod and his team for the hard work that they put into the campaign, and say thank you to the thousands of people who voted Liberal Democrat.

So, what might this result mean for the General Election vote in Huntingdonshire on 8th June? Well, it certainly reflects the strong showing of support that the Liberal Democrats received in the county council elections, where our vote increased by 11%. The Liberal Democrats are, clearly, the main challengers to the Conservatives. Our policies appeal to both “One Nation” Tories, many Labour voters and the Greens, which mean that we have a fantastic opportunity to push the Conservatives really hard in this seat.

Vote Liberal Democrat on 8th June. Together we will make things better!

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