Dear HDC Resident,

Times are getting increasingly difficult for millions of families. In April they could get a whole lot worse. Heating, driving, and food will all cost more, National Insurance, Council Tax, etc will also increase.  People will have less income coming in.

Some people, who have never had financial issues before may have had to change to a new job with reduced income but find themselves locked into expensive cars and houses they can no longer afford.

Your local Lib Dem team has put together a list of contacts that may be of some help. If you do not need this information you are lucky, please can you give the link to a family that does?

Below is a list that you might want to keep to hand.   


If you need personal financial support:   If you are concerned about personal debt, the following organisations can help, including negotiating with creditors on your behalf:  

If you need help with your energy bills: – heating, hot water, electricity and gas:
If you are worried about being made homeless:
  • You can also call/email your District Council for help and advice (see above). 
  • If you are in a housing association property, talk to them about what help they can provide.
If you are having problems obtaining enough food:
If you or someone you know is at risk of domestic abuse:
  • Then you can call Refuge 07787 255821, or the National Domestic Abuse Helpline 0802 000 247, or Men’s Advice 0808 801 0327 or LGBT Helpline 0800 999 5428.  If it’s an emergency, then call 999.  You can find more information on 
If you are worried about the well-being or safety of someone:
  • Then you need to let someone know so they can help. Telephone: 0345 045 5203 (8-6pm Monday to Friday) or 01733 234 724  
If you’ve been bereaved and need help and support then you can:
If your mental health is suffering:
  • You should contact your GP.  If you are in crisis the 111, option 2 is available and Samaritan 116 123.  Or for self-help try  This resource has been set up by Public Health England as an acknowledgement that the situation we are in is stressful for us all.  
If you have a business or are self-employed and need help:
Finally, if you believe there are other problem areas or other sources of help, please let us know.
We work for you year-round and if you need us to help let us know.
The Lib Dem Team