A Liberal Democrat government will revoke Article 50 notice

If the next General Election produces a Liberal Democrat government, we will revoke the Article 50 notice and cancel Brexit.

This isn’t about ignoring the referendum. If we receive enough votes to give us a majority in parliament, then enough people will have voted Liberal Democrat to give a new mandate.

The problem with a Liberal Democrat government offering a referendum is that both Theresa May’s deal and Boris Johnson’s deal have been rejected. If we tried to negotiate something else, Brexit supporters would know that we think the best deal is full EU membership and be sceptical. It’s more honest to say that, and then to engage with why people voted Leave, which is something that hasn’t been happening since the referendum.

If we don’t form the next government, we’ll support attempts to stop Brexit by democratic means. If there is to be another referendum, we want both alternatives to be fully planned and costed beforehand. It’s been an insult to parliament for Boris Johnson to ask MPs to vote on his deal without seeing an assessment of the economic impact. It would be an insult to the British people to hold a referendum knowing the likely effect of both options.

The Liberal Democrats are the party of Remain. Best for Britain's tactical voting site getvoting.org recommends voting Liberal Democrat in Huntingdon constituency as the clearest way to vote to stop Brexit.

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