Better support for all

To tackle the increasing unaffordability of life for many people in our communities, we will use universal access to basic services as a guiding principle to ensure that people have somewhere warm and safe to live, a healthy diet and access to the digital and transport infrastructure needed for 21st century life.

Working across the district council responsibilities (housing, planning and benefits) we will ensure that all communities have access to the help they need, reducing homelessness, increasing housing at the cheaper end of the market alongside affordable homes and providing greater information about welfare support. We will review the need for local service hubs in our market towns, taking services to those who cannot use the internet to get the help and support they need.

While many residents rely on their car, we know substantial numbers would prefer to use public transport if it were available and reliable, or to cycle if local cycle ways were better designed, well-maintained and properly connected. Together with the County Council, we will seek to improve and enhance local transport and to join local infrastructure to encourage more walking and cycling.

We will work with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority to explore the possibility of extending the TING transport scheme to the whole of Huntingdonshire. We will work with transport providers and the Combined Authority to find ways to linkHuntingdonshire communities to existing public transport such as the Guided Busway, and to improve access to—and increase the attractiveness of—park and ride solutions. East-West rail solutions between Oxford and Cambridge also need to benefit the residents of Huntingdonshire.

We will work to ensure that Huntingdonshire gives everyone opportunities to succeed regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, age or any disability. We will actively promote equality at work and lead the way through our Council employment, whilst encouraging all local employers to do the same.