Fairer, better, more caring

A Liberal Democrat Huntingdonshire District Council would mean


better action on climate change: we’ll bring in ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions, so that new buildings are carbon neutral by the end of this decade, and we would promote the use of cycling, walking, public transport and electric vehicles.

better protection for our environment: we will value our green spaces, promote sustainable buildings, reduce waste, and boost recycling, enforce action against littering and fly-tipping, and tackle air pollution and the growing risks of both flooding and drought.

better local jobs: we will promote Huntingdonshire as an employment opportunity, seeking to grow a sustainable high-tech and high-value economy, lobbying for better broadband and mobile coverage.

better support for all: we will work to give you the support you need to live well and have the services you need to live and work.

better housing opportunities for all: we will work for more sustainable homes that meet local needs and work to make communities balanced and sustainable with the infrastructure they need.

better and safer communities: we will seek to ensure balanced communities with the right infrastructure, reducing crime with strong support from the public and third sector.

better from your council: we will open up the council and model a new way of doing politics, ensuring that you know what we are doing for you all year-round.


The Tories have dominated the Huntingdonshire District Council since it was created in 1974. The outcome is:
• pitifully low reserves and barely balanced budgets.
• low morale amongst staff
• the consequences of decades of bad planning decisions, which have left us with a steady stream of new developments that are not fit for the future, poor energy performance, poor occupant health, poor water management and poor access to sustainable transport. These houses have not been designed for an ageing population.

To read more about our plans:

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Better action on climate change

Better protection for our environment

Better local jobs

Better support for all

Better housing opportunities for all

Better and safer communities

Better from your council