Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Patricia Jordan for Brampton

I have lived in the Huntingdon area since moving up from London with my family when I was 3 years old. I was educated locally, attending Huntingdon Primary school and later St Peters Secondary school before moving to Brampton, where I have lived for the past 34 years.

I had a lengthy career of over 30 years working for the NHS locally, supporting children and young people with complex disabilities and life limiting illnesses and their families. During this time, I worked in the community, in families’ homes and within a clinical setting and have developed an awareness of some of the challenges these families face daily.

I have raised 4 children while living in Brampton, all of whom attended Brampton Primary School moving to Hinchingbrooke school for their secondary education. All my children attended local clubs and activities groups and I served on a number of committees in support of this such as the scout committee and the school PTA. Together with other committee members we would work to support these groups through the organising of events in the community and it was here that I saw how working together can make such a positive difference to the local community. 

I was first elected in 2007 representing Brampton, Grafham and Perry, moving on to later represent Brampton and Hinchingbrooke Park following the boundary change. During this time, we have maintained a visual presence in the community through holding Saturday surgeries where we support residents with a wide range of enquiries. These surgeries are always made up of a Parish Councillor, a District Councillor and a County Councillor ensuring all levels of local government are working cohesively together.

Through living in Brampton for many years, raising children and now having an older parent living in here I understand the challenges and needs of a multigenerational community. 

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Dave Shaw for Brampton

I have lived in Huntingdonshire all my life. I moved from Buckden to Brampton 32 years ago at the age of 11, attended Hinchingbrooke school and after leaving, got my first job in retail.

 I have worked in security, tech support and in 2006 started work at Brampton Post Office where I then became Postmaster and, in that capacity, have been serving the people of Brampton and surrounding area for over 16 years.

After the closure of the Post Office in 2021 I kept the retail side of the business while working on an idea for another business which I will be launching shortly.

 I am very practical and enjoy DIY, I try to keep fit and love weekends away in my caravan, being outdoors, listening to music and doing fun activities with my two lovely daughters.

 I would very much like to stay involved in the local community and hope that becoming a councillor may give me the opportunity to shape the future of the area that I love.

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Martin Halsall for Buckden

 Martin has lived in Buckden since 1996 and served on the Parish Council (PC), helping deliver Buckden’s Neighbourhood Plan success. He has been part of many village community activities, including, the A1 Safety Group, the Large-Scale Planning Committee and the Christmas Fair and Lights Committee.  

He wants Buckden, Diddington and Southoe to remain villages and continue to enhance their rich environmental diversity, their historic heritage and rural character. In particular, he believes that protecting our Great Ouse Valley will be vital in maintaining a sustainable and high quality of life for present and future generations. 

Knowledge from his MSc in Geology has led him to be concerned about both surface and ground water flooding in the area. He has developed a positive working relationship with the Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and, for Buckden PC, set up a group to deal with, ‘development related’, flood issues in the area. Anti-flood works carried out on the High Street have been directed and supported by this group.

With his wife Jeanette, he is proud to have brought up two sons, in Buckden, who are now 22 and 26 years old. Martin wants to see more, ‘Active Travel’, which includes seeing the proposed cycle path between Buckden and Hinchingbrooke School and Hospital to completion – it wasn’t safe for his sons to cycle to school.   

Martin is a former Global Chief Risk Officer (CRO), and his experience includes many senior management roles, including at J.P.Morgan and Andersen Consulting.

Martin wishes to use his extensive experience for the benefit of the Buckden, Diddington and Southoe District residents.

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Clare Tevlin for Fenstanton

Clare has very good knowledge of her ward as she was brought up in Hilton and now lives in Fenstanton. As an enthusiastic Public Policy graduate from the University of Bath and graduate in Law with International Politics from Aberystwyth University, Clare is eager to engage in public policy and community action. For the last four years, Clare has been representing her community as an elected Public Governor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT), where she has been keen to make a difference in raising the awareness of mental health and community needs and services.  

Clare is a policy and engagement professional and has worked for politicians, local authorities and charitable organisations.    

She is passionate about community safety having worked in engagement at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Most recently, Clare was involved in heading up the campaign, ‘Cambs Against County Lines’, raising awareness for the prevention of county lines drugs trafficking, as part her work with Cambridge City Council and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Community Safety Partnership. Clare has professional experience working on a range of commercial and local authority projects, including delivering engagement and consultations for new developments and large-scale infrastructure projects. She is passionate about advocating on behalf of the needs of her local community around infrastructure planning and connectivity.  

Clare currently does project work in relation to the Refugee and Relocation Scheme at Cambridge City Council. She also volunteers with Fenstanton Community Speedwatch and has mucked in volunteering at the Hilton Community Garden.  

At home, Clare is a family carer for her father with MS and has worked for the local carers’ charity based in St Ives, ‘Caring Together’ in their engagement team and in 2020, she took to the skies skydiving and raised money to support local carers 

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Sarah Conboy for Godmanchester and Hemingford Abbots

I’ve lived in Godmanchester with my family on and off for the last 38 years and full- time since 1998.  Four generations have chosen to make this Town their home and our two boys have been at schools here. I work as the CEO of local charity supporting families like mine, who have children with special educational needs and disabilities.  I’m married to Pete who works in F1.  


I was co-opted on Godmanchester Town Council on leaving the Senior Civil Service and have served as a councillor for the last 9 years, including as Mayor.  I have served two terms as a District Councillor, including as the Lib Dem Group Leader and Leader of Opposition.  A crucial part of these roles in being a ‘do-er’ and being willing to work together for the greater good of all residents.  I’m pleased that so much has been achieved by being part of the local councillor team.  There is still more to be done.  I would be pleased to serve residents for another term and to continue to do all I can for the benefit of Hemingford Abbots, The Offords and Godmanchester.

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Brett Mickelburgh for Godmanchester and Hemingford Abbots

Every day, all across the country people give their time, talents and expertise to help make their community a better place – I want to do this by making the district council work better for you.

I have been married to Debbie for 23 years and we have two children who attend two of our local schools.

I work as the Chief Technology Officer for a not-for-profit organisation best described as a “charity services charity”. I have a good understanding of how our economy works and the interlinks between public and private sectors as I spent four years in management consultancy and have worked across many business sectors including healthcare, finance, as well as at a utility company and two government departments.

I am a Trustee and Treasurer of Godmanchester Baptist Church which also means I’m treasurer of Godmanchester Foodbank – for seven years I’ve been a small part of a fantastic team freely giving their time to feed people in crisis across our area, while working to support other causes like Huntingdon Area Money Advice and the Refugee Project.  

I’m a FA level six qualified referee who can be found officiating for the Hunts Youth League, Cambridgeshire County League and Women’s National League. I do this to put time back into a sport I love, because I couldn’t have played if someone hadn’t done the same for me. Likewise for Scouts, who I re-joined as a leader in early 2021 – Debbie and I ran a Beaver Scout colony for ten years prior to our children being born. When I was young Scouts taught me about pragmatism and resilience and those lessons remain true for young people today.

I have a passion for learning. I’m fascinated by the “art of the possible” and what is coming in the future – but also the lessons of the past, for example how 20 years of Westminster ignoring our ageing population has left local government with a care system crisis.

Our Hunts Lib Dem team will bring a fantastic pool of talent and expertise to Huntingdonshire, together we can make the district the best it can be (or exceptional, or…)

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Debbie Mickelburgh for Godmanchester and Hemingford Abbots

Godmanchester is my home, and I can’t image living anywhere else. My dream is to see Huntingdonshire become the best place it can be to live and work for my generation and those to come. 

I am a qualified primary school teacher and have worked in Education for over 15 years. I am married to Brett, and we have two boys who attend one of the local primary schools and Hinchingbrooke secondary school. Over the years, it has been a delight to be able to use my skills within Godmanchester on a professional and voluntary basis by teaching, childminding, running a toddler group and leading a Beaver Scout Colony.I am currently a serving Town Councillor, on the Scout Executive Committee, an FA qualified football coach at Godmanchester Town football club and a member of the local Baptist church.
As a District Councillor, I would provide a voice for all the many groups and people I encounter daily within my community as well as young families, children, educators and women. 

By stepping up and being part of the Lib Dem team, we can shape the decision making for the district to deliver an area that everyone can
be proud of.

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Daniel Ashby for Great Paxton

In 2019 I was co-opted as a councillor to Abbotsley Parish Council as an Independent Councillor. In 2021 I joined the trustees committee for Abbotsley Village Hall. I am extremely grateful to be able to serve the people of Abbotsley in both capacities.

I am married with two daughters, a beagle, a cat, and four rescue chickens. We live near the playing field in the west of Abbotsley.

In my professional life, I have been at the forefront of advanced engineering for over 10 years, working for companies such as Airbus helping to make the world a better place through making sure that the engineering answers real world problems.

Before moving to Abbotsley I was involved heavily in organising STEM events designed to get students engaged with the subjects and to consider further education and careers using their skills.


Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Keith Lucas for Hemingford Grey and Houghton

Keith and wife Gill moved to Fenstanton in 1993, then to St. Ives and for the last seven years have lived in Wyton and Houghton.  After a short career in the RAF he worked in St. Ives and Bedford specialising in building accounting software for the schools’ sector.  He earned his first degree in Education at Aberystwyth and continued his interest as a school governor for 13 years, the last five at Wyton-on-the-Hill primary school.   He holds a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Health and Safety and Computing.  

Since Sep 2021, Keith found himself at the MS Therapy Centre as a trustee and the manager.  He is also the treasurer of the Houghton and Wyton Memorial Hall, the 1st Houghton Scout Group and the Houghton and Wyton branch of the British Legion.  What little spare time he has he compiles crosswords and puzzles which have sold all over the World.  Closer to home he has written a crossword in the Houghton and Wyton Village magazine for the last six years.

Overall, he feels that the value of a community lies in its people and if people invest time and effort with others in the community then prosperity and well-being will follow.

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon

David Priestman for Hemingford Grey and Houghton

David has lived with his family in Hemingford Grey for 11 years. He adores the village and surrounding areas for their beauty, serenity, quality of life and, above all, the warmth and good character of the community. He expects to live here for many more happy years. Having served on Huntingdonshire District Council from 2006-2010 when he lived in Huntingdon, he would like the chance to represent the people of Hemingford Grey and Houghton, articulating and defending their concerns on environmental, planning and other key local issues.

He has run a local media company for 25 years, including publishing a market-leading logistics magazine and travelling globally to report on a crucial industrial sector. As a publisher and employer he understands the importance of economic issues in Huntingdonshire, which are sometimes overlooked and he brings a rational, impartial and problem-solving approach to all matters.

David holds degrees in both history and philosophy and, via his 3 children, knows the local schools and how central they remain to our community. His interests include kayaking on the River Ouse every week from St Ives to Huntingdon, which constantly reminds him of the need to protect our precious natural environment. A lifelong liberal, David’s political views are inclusive, positive and based on a desire to create a truly meritocratic society.


Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Jo Harvey for Huntingdon East

Mental Health Champion

Following university, Jo trained as an accountant. However, following the birth of her second child, her mental health was poor, and once she had recovered, she decided to give back to the community.

“I helped to create a mental health support drop-in known as 'Moody Mondays' at the Coneygear Centre and trained as a Mental Health First Aider. I firmly believe that there is a lot more work that needs to be done to help people's mental health, especially after the pandemic and  rising living costs”. 

Jo is also the treasurer of the local charity 'Huntingdon Community Action Projects' (HCAP), and before Covid was treasurer for her children's school PTA and the community interest charity BRoW4.

“As a result of my voluntary work I have seen that there are a lot of people in need of help in the area with a wide variety of issues. I hope that by standing as a District Councillor I can build upon my voluntary work and make a real difference to Huntingdon East.”

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Nathan Hunt for Huntingdon East

Electrical Engineer & Champion Archer  

“I'm Nathan Hunt, I'm 19 and I'm running to be a District Councillor in Huntingdon East to help make our district a better and greener place to live, work and enjoy for all ages. 

“I've lived in the district my whole life, originally living in St Neots before moving to Huntingdon in October last year. I've worked in the electricity industry since I was 16, specialising in maintaining High Voltage switchgear during my apprenticeship which I completed earlier this year. 

“Outside of work, I enjoy walking and archery, having held a national record for multiple years.”

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon

Tony Hulme for Ramsey

I started my working life as a electronics technician apprentice for 5 years with International Computers Ltd. and progressed working in the research labs developing compact disc technology.

I advanced into communications and microfilm, working concurrently with the Territorial army, spending 22 years as a technician with the Royal Signals.  My three children attended local schools.

On retirement I joined Cambridge University's Downing College as a College porter, a vocation envied by everyone, dealing with bright young things who will be running the world in the not too distant future.

I was a District Councillor for the nearby ward of Somersham for a period of nine years and in that time have built up a wealth of experience at District Council level.

Mark Argent, Candidate for Huntingdon


Nic Wells for St. Ives South

I have lived in Huntingdonshire since 1980, working in IT technical and management roles until retiring in 2020.   I have two daughters who attended Warboys school and St Peter’s school Huntingdon, and two sons who were born at Hinchingbrooke and attended Westfield school in St Ives, where my first wife taught, and St Peter’s.  My wife died in 1997 and I remarried in 2006, gaining a stepson.  My wife and I moved to our riverside location in St Ives in 2015.

Before moving to St Ives, I served as a councillor on Warboys parish council and Godmanchester town council and as a Governor at St Peter’s school.  I have been a St Ives town councillor since November 2019.

I volunteer, maintaining Holt Island nature reserve, and am a St Ives U3A member.  I am Treasurer of Houghton and Wyton tennis club and am a trustee of Disability Huntingdonshire.  I am on the electoral roll of All Saints C of E church in St Ives.

I am a founder member of the Liberal Democrats and am currently in the role of Treasurer of the Huntingdonshire local party.  I stood in the 2021 District Council by-election caused by the death of Cllr John Davies, coming second behind the Conservative candidate.

Liberal Democrat policies I support include English devolution, electoral reform, progressive taxation, land value taxation, employee ownership, universal basic income, reducing the number of school examinations, and realistic policies to tackle the climate emergency.

My main leisure activities are fell-walking in Wales and the Lake District, tennis, yoga, gardening and until lockdown I was learning to row with St Ives rowing club. 


James Catmur for St. Neots Eatons

I have lived and worked in the county for 35 years and we raised two children here. After my wife died from MND in 2016 I felt it was time for me to follow in her public service footsteps.  She had always spent time helping and looking out for other people and I want to do the same.  I lived how poor the care provision is in Cambridgeshire and want to help improve it and make it fairer.  I realise that my skills would help in other areas too.  I became a local Parish Councillor and provide advice on road safety, the A14, A428 and East West Rail, as I am a transport consultant.  

I will use my skills to help HDC improve the state of our transport network.  We need to change transport to be low carbon and look to ‘mobility as a service’ to provide more equitable transport.  We also need to stop paying hidden road taxes (damaged tyres, ruined suspension) and make our transport network fit for the future.

I am disabled so you will not see me out and about canvassing.  My disability means I cannot serve you physically but will be an active Councillor challenging the HDC on behalf of those of us who find too many people do not understand what disabled people face.




Jacqueline Hunt for St. Neots Eatons

My name is Jacqueline Hunt, my husband is Alan and we have lived in the Eaton's for the past 23 years.

In this time we have raised our 2 now grown up children.

Anytime you see me riding around on my bright red bicycle or on one of my many walks feel free to stop me for a chat, whether that's to learn about Archery as this is a hobby of mine or too talk about any local issues, or if you just want to pass the time of day, I would love to chat and listen. We live in a lovely area and I hope to help it flourish and prosper further hence I have decided to stand for District Councillor to be your voice and representative.


Geoff Seeff for St. Neots Eatons

Two years ago Dr Geoff Seeff moved from London to St Neots for family reasons.

He has been an active Liberal Democrat for over 40 years and has stood as a parliamentary candidate on several occasions, most recently in 2019 in Chingford and Woodford Green.

A chartered accountant and management consultant, his doctoral research was in the field of corporate social responsibility. Following a secondment to the Department of the Environment, his career has been focused on urban regeneration and he is currently employed with McBains, an international technical services practice, as an assessor and monitor of social infrastructure and commercial construction projects on behalf of both private and public investors and funders.

He is standing in the May 2022 district council elections for the St Neots Eaton ward and has a particular interest in the proposed regeneration of the town centre   - a project that he would very much like to see succeed but which he believes has stalled because of problems over site acquisition and lack of market definition. You can read what he has to say on the subject under the Articles page on this website.

He was formerly the Chairman of the Woodford Festival, a community festival of visual and performing arts, and is himself an enthusiastic, albeit a less than virtuoso, jazz musician. He swims regularly and has participated in numerous fund raising swim events.


Andrew Wood for Yaxley

Having lived in Yaxley for 25 years, I have involved myself in many aspects of the local community, endeavouring to improve the profile and character of the local area.

I have been pleased to be an active member of Yaxley Parish Council for the last ten years, sitting on both Personnel and Planning committees.  Membership of the local council has provided me with a good understanding of the many positive aspects of the local area and the importance of protecting its character.

Being involved in the inaugural Yaxley Village Festival in 2013, I very much enjoyed the feeling of community that it brought to the village and was pleased to act as Secretary during its formative period.  The Yaxley Festival embodied “community”, from local businesses to charities and community groups, resulting in a weekend of high-quality entertainment and funding for local groups, and I have been happy to support its continued success.

Yaxley, Stilton and Norman Cross sit in a valued and attractive part of Cambridgeshire and should be protected as such.

If elected as District Councillor, it is my intention to represent the electorate within the Ward in promoting funding for the area, supporting the needs of residents, and protecting our environmental position at the edge of the Fens.



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